Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HVS delivers its X1.5 prototype to the HVS test facilities

UK-based hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle innovator Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has delivered its engineering prototype test “mule,” X1.5, to the HVS test facilities. This marks the start of a significant development phase to bring the UK’s first full-size hydrogen Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) to market.

The X1.5 is powered by the same advanced hydrogen fuel cell that will be used in the production of HGVs. It will be used for performance and system development, including calibration and dyno-rig testing. It is an essential precursor to tracking the test prototypes that will follow.

The delivery of the X1.5 marks an essential milestone for HVS, following the successful launch of the company’s HGV technology demonstrator in April this year, which is focused on bringing this transformative vehicle to market.

John McKenna, Chief Technical Officer, HVS, said in a statement, “The team and I are thrilled that the X1.5 engineering prototype has arrived at our test facility, and we can now begin the vital development phase of testing the hydrogen fuel-cell technology on the dyno-rig. Maximizing the performance of the fuel cell is a key step ahead of beginning on-track testing and bringing this exciting new HGV to market”.

The HVS zero-emission hydrogen electric HGV is assured to decarbonize the most difficult-to-abate segment of the transport industry, heavy transport. HGVs currently account for 1.5% of all vehicles on the road yet produce 19% of emissions. A range of hydrogen fuel-cell power-generating HVS will emit just 693ml of water per kilometer.

The first product in a fleet of prototype test and development vehicles, the X1.5, enabling complete vehicle testing, will begin shortly. The prototype vehicle will now enter the dyno and system testing and calibration phase. X1.5 is the first of many test “mule.”