Friday, April 19, 2024

GT Sky Loft: The largest roof tent in the world

There is nothing quite like a weekend of getting away from your everyday busy life and spending time in the outdoors. Whether with family, friends, or yourself, rooftop camping can be one of the best ways to disconnect, relax, and feel comfortable in your own vehicle.

The inflatable tent specialists at Austria’s GentleTent have built the largest roof tent in the world called “the GT Sky Loft.” This rooftop tent (RTT) sleeps up to five people, has two separate rooms, and offers house-like glass views.

Now no need to worry about terrain like rocky, muddy, or steep countryside, and also forget fiddling with unruly tent poles and hammering away at cheap metal stakes. The GT Sky Loft is an air-filled camping tent containing no rods and poles. Spend less time working and more time under the stars with a rooftop tent and get the feel of your backcountry hotel room.

Large lying area can be subdivided into two rooms.
The large lying area can be subdivided into two rooms.

With a weight of only 49kg, the tent offers a living space of 3.4 m x 2.00 m for up to 5 people, making it a family-size roof tent. Both the tent construction and the sleeping area of the roof tent are entirely inflatable. Additionally, the tent can be mounted in two ways – the vehicle length to and across the vehicle.

It comes with a 55-in (1.4 m) interior height, and this offers around 10 cubic meters of room space, plus the big lying area can be subdivided into two rooms.

The Sky Loft is not just about the size; it also offers a better view than traditional roof tents. The rear of the tent is designed as a “Skyroom”, opened up with weatherproof transparent roof panels, mesh windows, and a full-size roll-up transparent door/window.

The tent is designed as a “Skyroom” with a spacious skylight with camping glass.
The tent is designed as a “Skyroom” with a spacious skylight with camping glass.

Four large mosquito windows, two on each side – which can be zipped shut in bad weather – provide the breathable PolyCotton tent fabric with an outstanding indoor climate. The lying platform is made of drop-stitch material.

Despite its large size, the GT Sky Loft still packs in light and compact size, measuring 165 cm x 145 cm x 15 cm. Another interesting feature is its two entrances when mounted laterally. You need to purchase the second ladder separately, but two entrances make it easier to get in and out.

For more details, you can visit the company website.