Monday, July 22, 2024

First Nikola Tre battery-electric vehicles arrive at the Port of L.A.

Arizona-based Nikola Motors has delivered the first Nikola Tre battery-electric vehicle (BEV) pilot trucks to Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI), one of Southern California’s prominent port trucking companies, to expedite zero-emission transportation solutions at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

TSSI had signed a memorandum of understanding with Nikola in May to deliver 100 zero-emission trucks beginning with a four-truck pilot of two BEVs and two FCEVs. Based on satisfactory completion of the vehicle trials and subject to TTSI obtaining certain government funding, thirty BEVs are projected to follow later in 2022, and 70 FCEVs are anticipated to start in 2023.

“Nikola committed to making its first Tre BEV deliveries in Q4 2021, and it is a big honor to celebrate this milestone with our partner, TTSI, and dignitaries who are committed to advancing zero-emission transportation solutions to reduce truck emissions in port operations,” said Nikola CEO Mark Russell. “TTSI has significant sustainability goals, and we are pleased to help them achieve their vision with our zero-emission trucks.”

The Nikola Tre BEV is designed for local deliveries up to 350 miles (563 km), up from 300 miles that the company had stated previously. The 480 kW (645 hp) electric motor is capable of delivering a top speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), while its 753 kWh battery can be charged up from 10 to 80% within 120 minutes using a DC charger.

The Nikola Tre FCEV truck also comes with a 645 hp motor but is targeted for distances up to 500 miles (804 km) thanks to its hydrogen fuel cells that can be refueled in 20 minutes or less. It is expected to address the North American regional market, especially when additional hauling capacity or quick fueling are required by fleet operators.

According to the press release, in any given month, 13,000 to 14,000 trucks call at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, emitting roughly 2,600 tons per year of smog-causing nitrogen-oxide emissions. TTSI has been at the forefront of this transition with early adopter status and will partner with Nikola to transition both BEVs and FCEVs into operation on a trial basis.