Toyota and Hino to develop a heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell truck

The aim is to tackle CO2 emission by targeting one of the biggest emitters: commercial vehicles.

Volvo Trucks launches electric heavy-duty truck pilot program in California

Volvo Trucks plans to create an electric future, starting with the Volvo LIGHTS project.

Waymo to deploy autonomous trucks and minivans in Texas and New Mexico

This will explore how the Waymo Driver might be able to create new transportation solutions.

Tesla Cybertruck, the most bizarre pickup ever with 800 km of autonomy

An electric pickup with science-fiction design, a lot different than anything you've ever known in this segment.

Hyundai reveals a futuristic hydrogen-powered semi-truck and trailer concept

Hyundai announced two exciting concepts – a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric semi-truck and refrigerated trailer.

Tesla would soon have a million-mile battery

Tesla to create a battery that will be able to power its electric cars and long-haul trucks for more than 1 million miles over the course of their lifespan.

Daimler begins testing its Autonomous Trucks on public roads in Virginia

Daimler, a German automotive company, has been testing its autonomous trucks for a few years. And now the automaker has taken its Level 4...

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