Eatense: The World’s First Customizable Plate

Though we have been using dinner plates for thousand years and we always had tons of designs to choose from. But plate having technical elements is out of the question. For the sake of our surprise, ‘Eatense’ has arrived, which is the most customizable dining plate.

It is universal saying that “Food does taste better when it looks better”. You find it true with this intuitive design of the plate. It enhances not only the presentation but it delights your appetites. You can customize this plate with respect to the food or the dining atmosphere.

It is devised with a digital display and dedicated smartphone app. Which empowers you to create your own plate with your own selected images and videos. You can choose your plate simply choosing it through the Eatense app from the tons of unique designs.

Eatense Designs
Eatense Designs

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download videos and images from Eatense app to plate using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Eatense Plates
Eatense Plates

It is wholly water resistant allowing you to wash unperturbed. 

The first in the world, Eatense, designed perfectly for restaurants, family and friends, and food flavors. At restaurants, this customizable plate can display information of food or other texts on the screen. It enhances the dining experience. For instance, you can display the food name and where they are from.

No more need to collect different plates for different foods just bring Eatense home. It will serve all your dishes. It is also easy to charge. Simply place it on any wireless charging pad and let it charge.

Eatense Specifications
Eatense Specifications

An amazing plate that will display any message you want to show on any occasion. Such as if there is a party and wish to display text “Happy Birthday” or “I Love You” on a plate. Go ahead!


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