Thursday, May 16, 2024

DTRe Stella electric off-road motorcycle will be available to US riders

Belgium-based electric motorcycle company TREVOR has unveiled its hand-built flat-track-inspired electric off-roader, the DTRe Stella motorcycle, that will be available to US riders.

Earlier this year, TREVOR unveiled DTRe Stella in European markets. Following these launches, DTRe Stella is being made available to US riders.

TREVOR DTRe Stella bike is a fully electric all-terrain motorcycle with a less-is-more design. Its lightweight and performance dirt bikes incorporate the latest electric vehicle features and technologies.

The DTRe Stella bike is powered by an 8-kW air-cooled brushless 3-phase DC motor with a peak power of 11 kW and a direct chain drive. It has a single-speed transmission for instant power of 47.5 Nm at the crank and 317 Nm at the rear wheel. The maximum speed of the DTRe Stella bike for the USA version is 90 km/h (56 mph).

The electric off-roader is integrated with a 2.7 kWh li-ion C-Battery pack that provides the motorcycle with great mileage of up to 87 km (54 miles) on a single charge. Moreover, with the help of a 3kW charger, it takes around an hour to charge the battery. However, the bike is packed with a 1kW charger.

The DTRe Stella electric bike features a barebone design, 19-inch Haan wheels, and 19-inch Dunlop tires. Additionally, the bike has a seat height of 35.8 inches (91 cm) and weighs approximately 83 kg (183 lb).

The TREVOR DTRe Stella electric off-roader is priced at €11,979 ($12,812) for the USA variant. However, in the USA, this motorcycle is not allowed to drive on public roads as this is purely an EU-Type approved vehicle.