Tuesday, April 23, 2024

DJI Air 3, a new cinematic drone with dual-4k-camera and long range

Drones have many functions, from monitoring climate change to carrying out search operations after natural disasters to photography, filming, and delivering goods.

DJI is a Chinese drone manufacturer that provides drone solutions for various industries such as agriculture, construction, and surveying. DJI drones are prevalent for aerial photography and videography.

DJI has announced and released its new cinematic drone, DJI Air 3. It’s the successor of the previous generation DJI Air 2S drone.

The Air 3 drone has two cameras with the same sensor size but different focal lengths, which provide consistent image quality. This camera comes with dual 48 MP-1/1.3-inch-CMOS cameras that are capable of capturing photos and recording videos with a 24 mm wide-angle camera and 70 mm 3x medium tele camera at 4K recording at 60fps in HDR and gives effortlessly epic images without HDR. It can shoot up to 4k recording at 100 fps. These cameras supported 10-bit colour modes.

The drone also supports 2.7k vertical video shooting, with both cameras capturing in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

It is equipped with innovative charging that extends the flight time to 46 minutes, 48% more than the previous generation.

An omnidirectional sensing system enables comprehensive environmental awareness, allowing the Air 3 to detect obstacles in all directions. When obstacles are detected, the Air 3 can use APAS 5.0 for a safer flight experience.

The DJI Air 3 can be controlled wirelessly by DJI RC 2, which gives O4 HD video transmission with a maximum range of 20kms, increased stability, and a 1080p/60fps max-quality live feed to ensure ultra-smooth viewing and operating.

The drone can connect wirelessly via the LightCut app on your smartphone for expanded creative options such as One-Tap Edit. So, there is no need to download all the footage during the process, which helps to save storage space on your mobile device.

The DJI Air 3 has a maximum climb speed and descent speed of 10 m/s and can fly at 21 m/s when there is no wind at sea level. The drone can reach a height of 6000 meters and has a maximum flight distance of 32 km.

With all these features and a 4241 mAh battery, the Air 3 weighs just 720 grams, and when unfolded, it measures 258.8mm long, 326mm wide, and 105.8mm tall.

DJI Air 3 with DJI RC-N2 starts at $1,099, and you can order from DJI’s official website.