Wednesday, May 29, 2024

DARTER: A Micro Pen with a hidden secret

A novel product introduced on the market which looks like a micro pen but houses some other secret. This little secret can help you out of some embarrassing situations. It must have for your Every Day Carry (EDC).

This new product is DARTER, a micro pen with a hidden sewing kit. It is beautifully machined from Aluminum and Brass. The internal sewing kit is just ¼” in diameter (6.3mm).

This complete tool is something we have not thought over before. Because this pen and sewing kit is actually very tiny. They said, “Our cutting-edge “Swiss Turn” machinery and the team can cut parts smaller and with more precision than most CNC workshops.”

Their core motive was to machine the world’s smallest refillable pen. However, they noticed the unwanted space between the refill and the outer sleeve during designing. Whereas at Ornisi, they are passionate about making small, useful tools.

A team said, “At the design stage, every line and every detail are considered as we try and maximize functionality. Our specialty is in adding useful features into everyday miniature objects. Only when the design is complemented do we add these features, but never at the expense of beautiful simple lines.”

“After much research, we felt that the perfect addition to the empty space in our pen would be a small selection of thread and sewing needles.”

DARTER Color Options
DARTER Color Options

There are four different colored options machined from these two metals. Options are as Gold, Silver, Gold with Silver trim and Silver with Gold trim. Of course, the Silver color option is made from Aluminum and the Gold color option is made from Brass.

There is no plastic part utilized in this pen.


This secret sewing kit can hold four needles and two small lengths of thread. It has four dummy holes and the selector knob which looks like a button. The DARTER micro-pen is designed very small which can even be added to keychain since it would be of the same size as a door key.


It can easily fit in your pocket with the diameter of the pen to 7.5mm and its length to 58mm. Every part of this product is machined with expertise. Following are some design and material specifications of DARTER.

  • Maximum size needles 27mm x 0.75mm diameter
  • Length of thread on a bobbin – 100cm (39″)
  • Max length of thread on Darter Sew 2x 59cm (23″) – 118cm total
  • Number of needles in Darter Sew – 4
  • Compatible Ink Refill – Cross Matrix Ballpoint Only
  • Ink Colour – Only Black supplied
  • Silver Material – 2011 Aluminium
  • Gold Material – CZ121 Brass
  • Colors available in the Cross Matrix range – Blue, Black, Red
DARTER Specification
DARTER Specification

Today, many pens on the market are designed sealed or not refillable. Conversely, DARTER is refillable and makers have made available the quality refill. This is the pen which can do both, it writes well and will last a lifetime with its sewing kit inside.

To offer the best quality and size, they use Cross Matrix ballpoint refills. DARTER kit contains enough thread for an emergency. You do not need to carry meters of thread. Each pen contains a single bobbin, holding 1 meter of a thread. The needles used here are all No. 10 Gold Sharps. They are small but tough.