Collapsible helmet fit into a custom water bottle-sized case

In this era of style and comfort, none of us would prefer to wear bulky, rigid and not easily portable helmet. Whereas, the number of demises is on the hike due to not wearing a helmet. To resolve this, the team behind Park & Diamond developed the collapsible helmet which not only designed like a baseball cap but is equally pliable.

Currently, only 29% of American adult cyclists say they always wear a helmet, while another 15% say they wear one occasionally. And as bike sharing networks grow across the country,  people do not find it so comfy to carry everywhere with them.

It is a simple call that a good cycling helmet provides a degree of head protection for riders, potentially saving them from serious injury or even death. In mere to get more urban cyclists to wear a protective helmet they designed and developed this collapsible helmet.

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It will meet U.S. CPSC and EU EN-1078 cycling safety standards. 

The soft-sided lid is made of 3D mesh fabric, polycarbonate, with EVA foam, and a proprietary, patented composite material the company says absorbs and disperses three times as much energy as typical bike helmets. A brimmed fabric layer slides over the polycarbonate shell to give it a design like a baseball cap.

The Park & Diamond Bike Helmet’s patented protective material absorbs and dissipates three times more elastic energy than a traditional bike helmet, which means significantly less energy is being transferred to the head, and making the Park & Diamond Helmet a better bike helmet.

Highlighted Features

  • Collapsible & Comfortable
  • Stylish and Interchangeable Skin
  • Multilayer design ultimate comfort and protection
  • Hand Washable Layers
  • Weighs only 8 oz
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Easy Fasten One-Hand Strap Buckle
  • Custom Case Size of a Large Bike Water Bottle
  • UV Protection

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The thoughtful remark, “Rather than looking like a hunk of foam, the Park and Diamond helmet is nearly as thin as a baseball cap while remaining just as protective as something more traditional. The helmet can be collapsed, folded, rolled, and stuffed into a water bottle or pocket.”

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