Cycling Safety

Ford Emoji Jacket for cyclists to better communicate with car drivers

The emojis will also help cyclist to show what they think of the driving style of the person behind them.

Bosch Light Drive System turns any normal glasses into ‘Smartglasses’

This makes driving safer and replaces the constant staring on smartphones or smartwatches.

Glove: Happy companion to keep you safe

Conflicts on road between mostly cyclists and other vehicle owners are common. It is always difficult to settle who was the culprit. But to...

Collapsible helmet fit into a custom water bottle-sized case

In this era of style and comfort, none of us would prefer to wear bulky, rigid and not easily portable helmet. Whereas, the number...

WingLights360: To address cycling safety

Cycling on the roads is believed to be dangerous by 68 percent of people from the United Kingdom. Hence, it is a matter of...

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