Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Citroën launches Ami, a small electric city-friendly two-seater

Citroën unveiled on Thursday, a production version of the AMI, the new 100% electric vehicle that aims to revolutionize urban mobility at (very) low cost. The small two-seater is a zero CO2 emission urban electric vehicle for the benefit of all and access to all city centers, with an easy, silent, and smooth drive.

The design is typically and proudly Citroën, with deliberately unique details such as the almost vertical windscreen, the specular shape of the front and rear, and the colorful interiors.

Ami enables 2 people to travel side by side comfortably.
Ami enables 2 people to travel side by side comfortably.

One of the special features is that the driver and front passenger doors are identical for production reasons. The passenger door opens normally while the driver door is hinged at the back, i.e., it opens like a suicide door. Any luggage can be stored in the passenger’s footwell either behind the seats, but Citroën does not provide any information on the trunk volume.

The dimensions of the Citroën Ami and its benefits make it a perfect urban transport vehicle. It measures 2.41 meters and 1.39 meters wide by 1.52 meters high with two seats and a small trunk. It is 100% electric, weighs 485 kg, and assembles a 5.5 kWh battery that offers a range of up to 70 km (43 miles). Citroën ensures that in a 220-volt domestic outlet, the total charge is done in 3 hours. The Citroën Ami will be sold with an adapter for public charging points.

The asymmetrical opening of the doors on both sides.
The asymmetrical opening of the doors on both sides.

The performance is also not exactly exhilarating: the electric motor offers just 6 kW (8 hp) with which it reaches a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). With or without a driving license, Ami is for everyone. It is accessible from 14 years old in France (16 years old on average in European countries).

Citroën has confirmed list prices in France starting from €6,000 ($6,600) thanks to the incentives and financing formulas of €20 (US$22) per month with €2,644 ($2,900) in advance and 48 installments. Free2Move car-sharing is also planned to start from €0.26 (26 cents) per minute. All purchase procedures will be managed online, including payment and home delivery, and itinerant tours for test drives are also being studied.


Citroën will start accepting orders for the Ami on March 30th in France, followed by Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Germany a few months later.