Monday, May 20, 2024

ChargePoint unveils new ultra-fast 500 kW EV charging system

ChargePoint has begun large-scale deployment of its new Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC fast charging platform capable of delivering charging speeds up to 500kW.

The Power Link system debuted as the charging hardware and software driving the fastest public charging network in North America: Mercedes-Benz HPC NA. The initiative is part of Mercedes-Benz HPC’s first Charging Hub in North America, located at Mercedes-Benz USA Headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Express Plus is a modular DC fast charging platform consisting of Power Blocks housing up to five Power Modules to reach a desired charging specification. The Power Blocks deliver power that can be dynamically shared amongst Power Link charging stations, which are the actual units that plug into a vehicle.

The charging stations feature liquid-cooled cables and hardware designed for a reliable charging experience and can charge two vehicles simultaneously at high speeds of up to 500kW. The Power Blocks allocate power intelligently based on the charging needs of specific vehicles.

ChargePoint’s Express Plus architecture includes the Power Link 2000 station, which can charge two vehicles simultaneously at very high speeds from the same charging station. Offering charging speeds of up to 500kW, Express Plus is designed to meet the changing needs of both current and future EVs.

Notably, Power Link 2000 uses a proprietary cooling architecture to deliver these peak speeds for sustained periods of time. This means that EV drivers can charge and go without unexpected additional dwell times.

The Express Plus Power Link 2000 is a powerful and versatile charging station that works with ChargePoint software to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for drivers. With the new software, drivers can now enjoy advanced features like preferential charger access through a reservation system and automatic payment functionality using “Plug & Charge.” Drivers can choose to authenticate using their card, app, or user interface, but those with enabled services need not go through the authentication process.

The introduction of the ChargePoint Express Plus Power Link 2000 system is a remarkable achievement for the advancement of electric vehicle infrastructure in North America. With its ultra-fast charging capabilities, it meets the increasing demand for electric vehicles head-on, providing drivers with the convenience and accessibility they need.

As we enter a new era of sustainable transportation, the ChargePoint Express Plus Power Link 2000 system is ready to play a key role in supporting the transition to a greener and more electrified future.