Tuesday, May 24, 2022


H2FLY’s hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft sets new altitude record

It also flew a 77-mile journey between two major airports for the first time.

All-electric VoloCity air taxi takes to the skies on maiden flight

Volocopter brought its fully electric VoloCity air taxi off the ground and into the air.

ANL completes a sailing on low emission biofuel in Oceania

Biofuel-powered sailing is a major step towards the decarbonization of ocean freight.

Hydrogen-powered foiling catamaran Chase Zero takes the first flight

Chase Zero successfully completed its first flight around the Waitemata harbor in Auckland.

Airbus’ nature-inspired wing demonstrator completes wind-tunnel testing

It takes inspiration from nature to improve wing aerodynamics and performance.

World’s first all-electric raceboat hits the water for the first time

RaceBird takes flight for the first time with a successful test on River Po in Italy.

Mokumono Polder, a 100% European-made ebike with up to 120 km range

The Polder is unique, sustainable, and radically transparent.

Safran to power AURA AERO’s electric aircraft projects

The two companies will work together on the architecture and electric propulsion systems of two aircraft.

Falcon Solar-powered aircraft capable of solar flight with zero-emission

The design breaks with conventional aircraft design and uses the advantage of flying wings.

Venus Aerospace building hypersonic plane to get you anywhere on Earth in one hour

The zero-carbon emission spaceplane will enable one-hour global travel.

VanMoof reveals its next-gen e-bikes with long-awaited step-in frame

Packed with the latest unique VanMoof tech, the new gen of e-bikes set the standard for riders worldwide.

Sono Motors to test its Solar Bus Trailer on Munich streets

Sono Solar Tech contributes to climate protection and the reduction of inner-city greenhouse gas emissions.

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