Café Moto Go electric bicycle can reach top assisted speeds of 28mph

Electra Bicycle a Vista, California-based Company known for designing modern cruiser bicycles now came with a new electric bicycle that takes e-bikes to the new level. The new Café Moto Go electric bicycle comes packed with stunning features and components.

Electra’s new Café Moto Go electric bicycle combines a classic design with the most premium and advanced e-bike components on the market. Electra calls it the “ultimate combination of badass, retro style and modern technology.” Hard to disagree!

The limited edition Café Moto Go! is powered by a Bosch Performance Speed motor (rated at 350 W) and can reach top assisted speeds of 28 miles per hours. In addition, the drivetrain uses the Gates Carbon Belt system, which might be quite expensive, while that extra cost is worth it for many reasons. This drive provides seamless and whisper-smooth shifting, as well as grease-free, low-maintenance cleanliness. The Electra Café Moto Go relies on an Enviolo internally geared hub for gear shifts.

Cafe Moto Go Motor Right
Cafe Moto Go Motor Right

Don’t worry, hydraulic disc brakes (another nearly maintenance-free component) are capable of handling all that power.

Cafe Moto Disc Brake
Cafe Moto Disc Brake

The frame is made of hydroformed 6061-T6 aluminum and features a fake tank molded directly into the tubing. Moreover, it has a Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh removable battery, which is hidden in the downtube. It also comes with 4 AMP Charger and Purion Computer Display Unit

A Brooks leather saddle and leather tool bag are included as well. Also, a front and rear LED light is given on each of the speedster 26″ X 2.8″ tires.

Cafe Moto Go Headlight
Cafe Moto Go Headlight

In short, it features a hydroformed tank, in-tube battery and Brooks premium leather saddle, tool bag and Cambium grips. All these components are of high quality, classy choices.

electras' new e-bike comes with leather saddle and tool-box
electras’ new e-bike comes with leather saddle and tool-box

Well, this type of high-end components is not necessary for e-bikes. Whereas, if anyone wants more convenience, less maintenance, and more pleasurable ride experience, these high-quality parts really make a difference.

Not to mention it has the ultimate combination of badass, retro style and modern technology that will have heads turning as you ride by.


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