Sunday, February 25, 2024

Brinno Duo: Smart peephole security camera

Edward Wang developed a new peephole security camera. This new security camera is devised with all the essential hardware to secure and monitor your home or apartment. It works even when you are not home.

This exceptional peephole security for front doors of your home or apartment is perfect to keep an eye on dwellers. It featured with smartphone alerts, motion sensors, dual internal storage and inside the digital display.

Depending on the past experiences and feedbacks Brinno Duo team has enhanced Brinno Duo peephole camera. It now provides better security and monitors your home and apartments at ease.

Brinno Duo Easy Installation
Brinno Duo Easy Installation

It will take 60 seconds to install your security camera on the front door. It is wire-free for easy install and removal. Just three steps and get ready to secure and monitor your home security. Firstly install base flange then insert PHVMAC and Finished. You are set.

Unique peephole camera is invisible and theft proof apartment security monitoring system. It automatically records and sends a notification to the mobile phone with email log. Brinno Duo has internal SD Card and/or email inbox to store visitor logs.

Analogous to dual storage Brinno Dua equipped with dual digital displays. You can see real-time activity outside your door either on your smartphone or LCD door screen. This easy installation gadget needs no extra accessories to secure your home.

brinno internal structure
Brinno internal structure

You can capture suspicious activity in Brinno’s hidden peephole camera when its secret motion detector triggers smartphone alerts. Brinno Duo’s theft-proof camera with an optical grade lens is easy to install with the traditional 12mm/14mm peephole.

It is set to 90-degree coverage angle to capture clear pictures of dwellers, guests and anything else on the door. The high-quality lens enables Brinno to capture images from long distance also.

Connect Brinno to your home Wi-Fi connection, its peephole camera delivers an alert notification to your smartphone and designated email box.

Installation of Brinno Duo
Installation of Brinno Duo

Brinno Duo integrates a unique Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which eliminates false alarms. It works seamlessly with automatic capture, detection triggers, knocking mode, sensor battery life, and internal or external mount option.

It captures visitor when detecting any motion in the circumference of its coverage. And sends a notification to your designated email box or SD card. Brinno detects changes in temperature as human bodies approach up to 13 feet away. Brinno featured with a knocking mode to notify when a visitor is waiting outside.

PeepHole Barrel 12mm 14mm
Doors Thick fits any doors 35~57mm (1.38”~2.24”) thick
fits any door 40~69 mm( 1.57”~2.72”) thick
View angle View angle: Regular Mode:92°, Zoom Mode:40°
View angle: Regular Mode: 92°, Zoom Mode:40°
Sensor 0.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
LCD Screen 3.0” TFT
Storage Micro SD card (Supports up to 32 GB, 8 GB recommended)
File Format JPEG, AVI
Power Source 4 AA batteries ( approx. 9,000 triggers)
Size (WxHxD) 87 x 158 x 34 mm (3.39”x6.16”x1.32”)
Weight 170g (0.36lb) (without batteries)

You can review all your visitors with the push of a button. Brinno has an incredible battery life of six months. Brinno Duo package contains PeepHole Viewer (PHVMAC), PeepHole, Base Flange, Washer (for 12mm peephole), Tightening tool, 4AA batteries, and Micro SD card.

“Brinno’s motion sensor can easily operate off one CR2450 3 Volt Button Cell Lithium battery for up to 28,000 motion triggers.”

Brinno Duo is easy to access and monitor your home security whether you are home or not. It will also save the data to your SD card or designated email box. You can review all the visitors on your door during your absence. It simply an amazing device to keep your home safe.