BOTZ- The smallest outdoor coffee kit

Coffee is companion anywhere you go. You are more inclined to adventure, ‘BOTZ’ is the perfect kit for you. It is carefully crafted for every type of traveler and adventurer. It is a compact, lightweight and user-friendly kit to get you ready to prepare three cups of coffee, tea or soup anywhere.

Creators of BOTZ, said, “We developed BOTZ after comprehensive research, checking how many coffee or tea breaks you take when you`re outdoors, how many friends share this moment with you, and where.”

Exceptionally designed for travelers, hikers, backpackers, climbers, cyclists and more. BOTZ, 3.4 inches in diameter, 6.2 inches high and only 17.6 OZ. It will be the smallest coffee kit to fit in every bag size. It is very strong and perfect for all outdoor conditions.

BOTZ Coffee Kit
BOTZ Coffee Kit

Every equipment in this kit is designed uniquely to meet the need for outdoorsmen. For instance, windscreen, which saves energy and time to boil water. Despite the different weather conditions, it boils water in less time. Fork (stand) and teaspoon are designed according to the exact height between the alcohol burner stove and coffee pot.

Likewise, cover aka extra cup, alcohol burner stove, coffee pot with folding handle, upper and lower cap. Also, alcohol container and coffee and sugar container. All designed to suit the outdoor adventure.

How to make BOTZ coffee?

BOTZ is tailored from reusable materials to keep the environment clean. You can free to fly with this kit anywhere in the world. It houses all the types of equipment you may need to prepare your coffee. They have utilized alcohol in the stove which works properly in extremely high elevation terrain and during cold weather.

However, alcohol is easily accessible and economical. Since, 95 percent of burning alcohol is available in any hardware, camping store, and pharmacy.

A team expressed, “Our designing moto is LESS IS MORE and with that concept, we went all in. Coffee is one of our loves and a big part of our culture. We travel with BOTZ, taking it to the beach, using it during our breaks… any time anywhere!”

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