BLADE: Very first all-in-one AI smart wireless earphones

Have you ever imagined your earbuds monitoring your heart rate and providing personalized coaching by various advanced Sports tech?

BLADE is the answer to all your questions. Yes, the SOUL electronics company has actually made it possible. The company has designed and developed World’s first AI heart rate wireless earbuds, for all the fitness enthusiasts and music lovers.

What makes BLADE different from the other sports earphones?

While the other products available in the market can only track and report the basic data, such as running time, cadence, speed, etc., BLADE provides more by capturing and analyzing your motion data to deliver real-time personalized coaching using BiomechEngine.

Its personalized AI voice coaching can monitor your running form and provide instant feedback to correct your posture seamlessly, which may reduce the risks of various running injuries.

Also, AI voice coaching helps you to maintain a better running form, which allows you to run faster and longer. Moreover, it tells you to correct your running movements if you’re doing wrong – this can save your energy.

A smart heart rate sensor is embedded in BLADE which not only monitors your body condition during a workout but also provides instant coaching advice by alerting you once the targeted heart rate zone reached. This can help to improve your training efficiency and avoids over-training.

Everyone wants full information about their training performance which helps them to improve it next time. Now, don’t worry about that… BLADE will collect all the data of your running form and heart rate condition in real-time and automatically synchronize into SOUL FIT app.

BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones
BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones

All that data will be then displayed on your phone with understandable numbers and charts which enable you to monitor your training progress anytime.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology is used in BLADE which transfers data 2 times faster. It provides a strong connection and great sound quality.

It comes with a USB Type-C Charging Case with fast charging function. In a single charge, BLADE delivers the best sound quality for up to 96 hours on-the-go, almost 24 times of full marathon races.

Additionally, its IPX7 waterproof design makes it fully submersible up to 1meter in water for 30minutes.

BLADE has embedded pair of 5.8mm powerful dynamic drivers that delivers ultimate sound quality with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).

BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones
BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones

The inventors also took care of your safety. They have designed BLADE with Transparent Audio Mode which allows you to hear surrounding whenever you need to.

It fits in your ear perfectly, as it is attached with Freebit C-shaped ear hook. Moreover, BLADE produces a passive noise isolation effect that limits all irrelevant audio and saves your ears from hurting through extra noise.

It comes with a smart touch interface – Control playlist, answer calls and activate your Siri or Google Assistant in a single touch.

Unlike the old earphones that give output sound from only one side of earphone, BLADE is engineered for Stereo Call which means that both sides of earphones will output the voice from another side of your call. Besides, when one earbud is being charged, it will disconnect from the device. The other earbud will remain connected.

BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones specification
BLADE: AI smart wireless earphones specification

No more hassle to connect your BLADE with smartphones. Simply take out the earbuds from the charging case and they will be automatically paired up right away.

This is not done yet; the charging case is provided with the interchangeable leather cover of your choice. You can easily change the leather cover in just one flip.

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