Wednesday, April 10, 2024

BAE Systems’ robotic inflatable boat gets Lloyd’s certification

BAE Systems Autonomous Pacific 24 (AP24) Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) has taken a major step from development to deployment. The robotic naval vessel has been awarded Lloyd’s Register Unmanned Marine Systems Certification for its design and construction. It is the first uncrewed military vessel to achieve this certification, which verifies stringent safety and operational performance standards.

Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) have existed for over two decades and offer the potential to overcome difficulties associated with monitoring and surveillance in remote regions. However, they are not yet an integral component of maritime infrastructure.

Developed by the BAE Systems for the Royal Navy, the AP24 RIB aims to deliver new technology at pace. It is a step-change for the Royal Navy in uncrewed operations, adding capability and flexibility to naval military missions.

“Our Unmanned Marine Systems Certification assesses unmanned vessels against a set of safety and operational performance requirements to provide assurance to certify the safe design, build, and maintenance,” said Paul James, Head of UK&I Naval at Lloyd’s Register.

“BAE Systems’ Autonomous Pacific 24 has been tested against our assurance framework, and we are pleased to provide BAE Systems the first Lloyd’s Register UMS Certification on an uncrewed naval vessel.”

The uncrewed AP24 RIB has the potential to undertake missions such as force protection and anti-piracy, persistent intelligence gathering, and maritime security to meet the evolving threats of modern warfare and keep sailors safe.

The inflatable boat is designed to be part of a modern, multi-domain force and can share sensor data easily and securely with allies and enhance the Royal Navy’s operational effectiveness at sea whilst reducing threats to its sailors.