Saturday, May 18, 2024

Arcimoto unveils new, improved prototype of Mean Lean Machine tilting e-trike

Earlier this year, the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) manufacturer, Arcimoto, unveiled the concept of Mean Lean Machine, an all-electric tilting e-trike based on Arcimoto’s patented tilting technology. Now, the company has unveiled the 4th Generation Prototype of its Mean Lean Machine.

Designed to be the best-in-class tilting e-trike, the Mean Lean Machine is powered by three hub motors and a pedal generator with no chain, no belt, and no grease. The e-trike will be able to carry two people and offers an impressive range of more than 200 miles (322 km) with auxiliary batteries.

Thanks to tilting technology, the trike will allow you to corner the same way you would on a regular bike but with greater traction, more stability, and better braking ability.

The 4th-generation MLM prototype, dubbed the Cybertrike Edition, is a part of Arcimoto’s three-tier product strategy for the MLM family. The family consists of a base model ‘Sidewinder,’ mid-line ‘Cybertrike’ and high-end true ‘Mean Lean Machine’ that will offer customers a range of capabilities at key e-bike market price points.

The new iteration of the Mean Lean Machine features major improvements in the suspension, the first packaging study of Arcimoto’s MicroFutureDrive, and carbon-fiber wheels. Arcimoto intends to build copies of this prototype iteration for on-road marketing and testing purposes.

“The MLM team has really outdone themselves with this Cybertrike Edition prototype,” said Arcimoto Founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer. “The team has continued to refine the ride experience, dial in the industrial design of the chassis, as well as provision for best-in-class carrying capacity, and it will provide us with invaluable testing and marketing data as we push towards the release of the first Mean Lean Machines later this year. I remain confident that this product will be in a field of its own, while also opening up the bicycle class to a much wider audience.”

Arcimoto intends to launch the Mean Lean Machine tilting e-bikes in the fourth quarter of this year. Interested customers can already pre-order their e-trike from the company’s website for deposits of $100.