Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Uready E-Trike, a standup tricycle that feels like riding a Jet Ski

Urban mobility has undergone very substantial changes in terms of technology. From time to time, not so much innovative but simply interesting projects fall into the spotlight, to which this Uready electric tricycle definitely belongs.

Developed by a Germany-based entrepreneur Oguzhan Abayrak, the three-wheeled Uready E-Trike is now in the form of a working prototype. The Uready tilting e-trike is based on an aluminum frame whose articulated joints allow the body to be tilted significantly. The front of the Uready is very similar to a typical bike, although it has a few additions with an electric drive in mind.

Uready E-Trike features a 500-watt electric motor that hides in the front hub and allows you to reach a speed of 20 km/h (12 mph), while its built-in battery in the frame allows you to travel up to 35 km (22 miles) on a single charge. The range can be doubled by adding an optional second battery. Braking is handled by front and rear disc brakes, and a locking mechanism with a parking brake ensures that the vehicle is kept upright when parked.

Uready E-Trike, a standup tricycle that feels like riding a Jet Ski.
Riders stand on a couple of fold-down footrests.

The tilting technology is one of the most important functions to experience unique cornering fun. The tilt technology can be locked so that the frame is straight, for example, when parking. Riders stand on a couple of fold-down footrests that are hinged and allow the wide stance. The team is also currently working on making the unit foldable so that it is compact when you want to store it in your garage or home.

At the moment, the company’s plans include the production of the first series of 45 Uready E-Trike, hopefully, followed by larger-scale production. The project is available on Kickstarter in order to obtain the necessary financing so that this project can get going. Early backers can order their Uready E-Trike for €3,900 ($4,690).