Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Apex Watercraft’s Tyr is an advanced carbon fiber fishing kayak

With summer vacation on the doorstep, sit-on-top kayaks – the water equipment that in almost every form provides a whole lot of fun – are particularly popular. This interest applies not only to tourists but also to fishermen who see the kayak as an attractive alternative to the fishing boat.

Apex Watercraft introduced the Tyr, which, according to the manufacturers, is the world’s most advanced carbon fiber fishing kayak that combines aerospace engineering with artisan craftsmanship.

Tyr is the brainchild of Eric Jackson, who was a four-time whitewater kayaking world champion. He combined his knowledge with Russ Emanis, who led the composite program at Lockheed Martin, and Bob Blair, who has designed award-winning racing stand-up paddleboards.

Apex Watercraft Tyr
Apex Watercraft Tyr. Credit: Apex Watercraft

This sleek, lightweight fishing kayak has a foam-core body covered in a (hand-painted) carbon fiber shell housing. The weight of the kayak is, therefore, only about 18 kg. The comparative kayaks used for fishing usually weigh one and a half times more. Tyr is also distinguished by a flat hull, thanks to which the kayak moves easily through fairly shallow water. A fin on the bottom provides good maneuverability.

The high volume bow keeps the boat on the surface and sheds water when piercing waves. The hull is extremely low draft and planing, so very little water is needed to float it. The hull is clean and offers unparalleled stability while moving fast and quietly over the water. The construction itself also means that the kayak does not require any drainage holes, which is to reduce drag and noise.

The Paddle is in a molded carbon fiber seat, which can be turned sideways and moved forward or backward. It can also stand upright; slipping is prevented by a layer of natural cork covering the deck. There is also a load compartment, and Neodymium “Super Magnets” are inlaid into the boat in key areas for holding tools, lures, Paddle, and more.

Apex Watercraft is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the Tyr, where it is available at a pledge of $7,999.