Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Ampace unveils ultra-long cycle life batteries with 15,000-cycle

Chinese battery manufacturer Xiamen Ampace Technology Ltd. (Ampace) recently revealed its Kunlun series ultra-long cycle life batteries with an impressive 15,000-cycle lifespan at the RE+ trade show last week in Las Vegas.

In addition to the Kunlun series, Ampace also showcased a range of cutting-edge energy storage solutions. The company’s offerings provide a promising solution to global carbon neutrality objectives and emerging Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) trends, addressing issues related to extended battery durability, robust safety, and superior returns.

The Kunlun series batteries offer more than double the throughput of conventional cells. It is said that the battery tech can ensure an impressive cycle life that exceeds 15,000 cycles while maintaining over 80% state of health (SOH) after 15,000 cycles and over 70% SOH after 20,000 cycles. This remarkable accomplishment effectively doubles the lifespan of lithium batteries in energy storage systems, which is in line with the 20-year lifespan of photovoltaic equipment.

Ampace said the Kunlun series batteries effectively address the concern of customers who would otherwise need to replace batteries during the operational phase of solar storage projects, resulting in a significant 30% reduction in overall lifecycle electricity costs.

The company introduced a range of battery cabinets and modules that are based on a long-life technology with 15,000 cycles. Among these products, the much-anticipated Ampcombine distributed outdoor battery cabinet is a highlight. The Ampcombine has an impressive 110% increase in throughput, resulting in a 30% reduction in electricity costs and a 30% boost in profitability over its entire lifecycle.