Sunday, July 14, 2024

Aertos 130IR commercial drone designed for confined spaces

Whether for commercial or personal use, drones are often designed for outdoor use. These relatively sensitive devices are also likely to be damaged in tight spaces. In this sense, the Aertos 130IR drone has been developed with durability in the foreground for use in indoor environments.

Manufactured by Kansas-based startup Digital Aerolus, the conceptually new specialized type flight drone can surprise even the most demanding users due to its extremely highly reliable composite construction and impressive performance of its cameras.

The drone weighs only 2.7 kg.
The drone weighs only 2.7 kg. Credit: Aerolus

The Aertos 130IR features a carbon fiber composite frame around it that also functions as handles, complemented by an anti-slip tape. The drone, which is reinforced with special coatings around the four propellers, is accompanied by an omnidirectional set of nine sensors, including LiDAR and depth sensing. These sensors not only allow the drone to perform mapping tasks but also help it maintain its position in three-dimensional space, which is especially important in environments where GPS won’t work.

Offering 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge with a 4,500-mAh / 22.2V lithium-ion battery, the drone weighs 2.7 kg. The drone can autonomously overcome many difficult obstacles, both in confined and wide areas, mainly using built-in LiDAR technology. A handheld supercomputer, the Aertos controller features an ergonomic layout, more than 130 processing elements, and a bright, integrated display. Additional external displays can be added as needed.

Aertos 130IR drone features.
Aertos 130IR drone features. Credit: Aerolus

Among the other features of the Aertos 130IR is the LED spotlight, the Sony RX011 4K / 30fps optical camera mounted on the mount, the FLIR Boson 320 infrared camera. An additional optical camera offers the user a real-time first-person view angle. The drone can fly through the user, as well as work autonomously.

The 130IR is designed for rough-and-tumble, real-world applications: to power up and fly stably under bridges, inside pipes, in power plants, mines, chimneys, and more.

It is not yet entirely clear when exactly this new flight drone should come out, but it can be assumed that this should happen at the beginning of next 2021 since, at this point in time, Digital Aerolus has already completed preliminary laboratory and open tests of the motor system and design.