Thursday, February 22, 2024

Aeralis unveils revolutionary modular light jet aircraft design

At Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), a Bristol-based company, Aeralis, unveiled the designs for the first variants of their revolutionary modular light jet aircraft, including its Advanced Jet Trainer, which will be the first design to go into production. This next-generation design of the Common Core Fuselage (CCF) will be the backbone of the company’s future aircraft fleet.

By prioritizing modularity, Aeralis has created a revolutionary design that can operate across multiple markets. After the recent design review led by Sir Julian Young, it was revealed that the new light jet aircraft would have a first-of-its-kind wing architecture consisting of an inner wing and an outer wing to ensure maneuverability at both low and high speeds. This innovation will provide the aircraft with transonic capability, setting it apart from other aircraft in its class.

The new aircraft design is highly flexible and can be configured in multiple ways to meet various requirements. It can be used as an Advanced Jet Trainer, Aggressor, Companion, ISTAR, or Tanker. All these configurations will be based on the CCF platform, and customers can easily acquire additional modules to change the purpose of the aircraft.

This new aircraft will feature a sleeker design, providing room for additional fuel storage and electronic capabilities. This will improve the aircraft’s overall performance and resilience while making it easier and less expensive to maintain. The changes to the aircraft fuselage design and new wings will eliminate the need for custom landing gear. Instead, the aircraft will use commercial off-the-shelf landing gear, which increases maintainability, further reducing the aircraft’s maintenance costs.

The Aeralis jet’s cockpit is designed to be modular and offers a wide range of functions. The single-seat configuration provides additional space for Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) capabilities or extra fuel payload, while the dual seat can accommodate an additional pilot. Additionally, the aircraft’s nose cone houses a full combat radar that enhances its combat effectiveness for ISTAR and EW configurations and also makes it suitable to be used during training.

The launch of the Aeralis jet design is a significant step towards making this aircraft available on the market later this decade.

“I am incredibly proud of the work the Aeralis team has done to develop this cutting-edge design, which represents a significant offering in the military light jet market,” said Tristan Crawford, founder and CEO of Aeralis, in a press release. “The modular design provides the Aeralis jet with maximum flexibility whilst including a first-of-a-kind design to enhance aircraft performance. I look forward to quickly progressing the aircraft to its next stage.”