Researchers give radar new telescope-like abilities to study space dust

This allows radar to make the kinds of observations that previously only optical telescopes could make.

New radar allows cars to spot hazards hidden around corners

It allows cars to peer around corners and spot oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Waymo unveils the fifth-generation Waymo Driver for self-driving car

The World's Most Experienced Driver that powers vehicles to safely get people and things where they’re going.

The REV-1, a delivery robot that can work in bad weather

These days, we keep hearing about robots every day. Now a new autonomous delivery robot company came out with its robot called "REV-1". The...

A tiny radar device may help visually impaired people to detect an object in real time

Undoubtedly, tiny and lighter electronics are very useful, and they can be used in more ways. A team of researchers at KAUST has come up...

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