Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A2Z Drone Delivery unveils a multi-drop dual-payload delivery drone

A2Z Drone Delivery is already enjoying success with its Rapid Delivery System (RDS1), a restraint drop system, which lets third-party delivery drones drop cargo to customers on a long tether. The developer of a patented tethered freefall drone delivery mechanism has now announced the launch of its RDSX, a ready-to-fly commercial delivery UAV.

The delivery drone is developed in collaboration with a leading global logistics provider to deliver dual payloads per flight, each weighing up to two kilograms on a round trip of up to 18 km (11 miles), or the RDSX can be configured with a single tether to expand its range out to 30 km (18.6 miles).

The RDSX integrates A2Z Drone Delivery’s proprietary tethered freefall Rapid Delivery System capable of quickly and safely delivering payloads from altitudes as high as 150 feet. By keeping spinning rotors far from people and property, the RDSX helps mitigate consumer concerns with drone deliveries, such as the potential for property damage, intrusive rotor noise, and assuages some of the privacy concerns with low-flying unmanned aerial vehicles. It also allows drones to deliver their loads more efficiently since they don’t have to waste time and energy maneuvering down past tree branches, wires, or other obstacles.

The integrated A2Z Drone Delivery app combines manual control system operations with an onboard computer and sensor array to manage the package’s controlled freefall and gentle stop before the ground. With the package delivered, the RDSX’s Kevlar tether and auto-release mechanism release the payload before being reeled back up for reuse.

The RDSX’s UAV flight platform comes equipped with a pair of cameras, an independent downward-facing LiDAR sensing system, and quick-swap bucket-style batteries to limit downtime between flights. It can be used in diverse conditions, including temperatures ranging from -20 to 45 Celsius, in up to 95% humidity, and from elevations up to 4,800 feet. Additionally, the RDSX’s eight rotor arms, fitted with durable carbon fiber propellers, are able to fold away for easy transport of the drone.

The drone also features safety measures to protect the package recipients on the ground as well as the onboard payload during the flight. Integrated safety features in the RDSX include onboard parachute, emergency payload abandonment to quickly detach the payload, payload status detection, transverse tether winding that ensures the tether is tightly woven. Moreover, the manual delivery control with intelligent onboard systems provides safety precautions and enables the pilot to manually control the delivery and retrieval of the tied payload.

A2Z Drone Delivery‘s freefall delivery technology has previously been leveraged for residential drone delivery trials, deployment, and retrieval of ground sensors for energy exploration, as well as for shore-to-ship port delivery. The technology is equally applicable for first responders delivering life-saving medicine, or search and rescue professionals quickly deploying equipment to remote areas, or for rapidly collecting samples throughout an expansive mining facility.