Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Wunder360 S1: First 3D scanning & 360 AI camera

Introducing Wunder360 S1, a camera that can capture every magical moment in your life so you can relive those precious moments again and again. The Wunder360 S1 is a multifunctional 360° camera that you can use to create 3D models, all from the palm of your hand.

The camera comes with fascinating AI features that make the camera more powerful. Compact and wearable, S1 works could capture an amazing view no matter underwater or in the sky.

3D is the content format of the future, and the S1 makes it accessible to all. The S1 is inexpensive and easy to use – just shoot a photo or video around the target you’d like to scan and then export it.

Another feature includes CNN (convolutional neural network) that recognizes the main subjects in the photos/ videos. Through its smart tracking functionality, you can keep your target at the center of the frame. Just touch the screen to focus on the object you want to track and let the camera do the rest.

The S1 uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to ensure that no matter how much the camera jerks, your images stay stable, sharp and in focus. Due to this EIS, the S1 creates highly stabilized and sharp videos from the raw footage.

The S1 comes with a customized waterproof case that provides IP68 resistance up to 100ft underwater. Its Phantom Clipper allows users to capture every part of a motion in 360. Ideal for athletes, dancers, and others with an active lifestyle who want to analyze their performance. The technology, based on real-time moving target recognition and segmentation, allows users to create amazing multiplicity video with just a signal touch.

Phantom clipper helps you create multiplicity video easily
Phantom Clipper helps you create a multiplicity videos easily

Wunder360 S1 is capable of taking 3k resolution 30fps videos/1080P 60fps videos and 4k resolution photos with innovative onboard stitching technology implemented on the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP.

At less than 100g and only 74*50*35 mm, Wunder360 S1 is the world’s most compact 3D scanner and 360 cameras.

Connect the camera to your house Wi-Fi hotspot and open the Wunder360 app. Then, your smartphone becomes a window for high-resolution streaming of what Wunder360 S1 sees in real time.

The depth estimation algorithms baked into the Wunder360 cameras were based on the latest deep learning technology. With these smart vision abilities, Wunder360 S1 could be able to estimate accurate depth maps from even a single 360-degree footage.

After uploading a clip of 360 videos to the Wunder360 cloud service, it could:

  • Create a virtual tour
  • Generate high-density 3D models for display and download
  • Convert the 3D contents into a Minecraft model

No extra post-production software is needed – this nifty little gadget performs actions such as stitching two fisheye images together with just the click of a button.

Design Specifications:

  • Length * Width * Height: 50mm * 35mm * 74mm.
  • Weight: 98 Grams.
  • Dual wide-angle lenses 360 degrees * 360-degree field of view 8 million pixel CMOS sensor.
  • A removable battery that lasts up to 2.4 hours.
  • LCD status screen for standalone operations of the camera.
  • Standard 1/4-inch socket for attaching to versatile mounting accessories.

Technical Specifications:


  • Easy 3D scanning
  • All-in-one powerful cloud service
  • Real-time in-camera stitching
  • Portable and wearable
  • Super smooth stabilization
  • Tracking, locking on the target
  • Multiplicity video
  • Customized waterproof case