WinkGo: Your own espresso maker

Drinking coffee can do much more than simply energizing you. Even some of us addicted badly to coffee. But at the beginning, coffee can only be brewed at home. Not now.

New Winkgo will get you a coffee anywhere and anytime. It is a compact, lightweight and fashionable mini electronic Espresso maker. It prepares a high-quality coffee on one-button click. This mini Espresso maker offers flexibility to try more new flavors.

It is easy to use compared to traditional coffee machines. Simply, pour water and powder in the machine. It actually optimizes the extraction process and enhances the espresso quality. It uses constant pressure of 15 Bar to make the coffee fat rich and fragrant.

WinkGo Coffee making
WinkGo Coffee making

Despite your location it allows you to experience the pleasure of high-quality Italian coffee. You may be at your office, on trip or just spending time leisurely just have coffee powder, hot water and WinkGo. It empowers you to prepare your coffee on the press of the button. You can use both coffee capsules and coffee powder.

This machine is small but powerful to enable just a button operation.

WinkGo Exploded View
WinkGo Exploded View

If you are very punctual and hardly find time to prepare coffee still it’s the best choice. Since, this mini machine guarantees uniform extraction in just 30 seconds. It makes coffee with perfect ratio from color to delicateness.

WinkGo Parameters
WinkGo Parameters

WinkGo is lightweight with the body length of 21.6cm. It is simply equivalent to the size of a mineral water bottle. Besides, cleaning the WinkGo is just a matter of a few seconds. Since every part is easily removable.

This mini machine houses a built-in 2600mAh Lithium battery that can be charged via USB, mobile power and car charger. It is built powerful to prepare 100 cup of coffee continuously. This would be your new personalized coffee maker to get you coffee anytime and anywhere.


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