Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Water rescue drone TY-3R flying lifebuoy

The TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy drone is the future of water rescue technology. The innovative drone, manufactured by Didiok Makings, is a game-changer in emergency situations for distressed swimmers located far from shore. 

With its unique hybrid of a quadcopter and a lifebuoy, the drone can fly up to a kilometer away and land on the water to provide a flotation device for the swimmer. 

Once the drone reaches the swimmer, it lands on the water and acts as a flotation device until a human rescuer can arrive on a watercraft to bring the individual back to shore. This technology can save lives in critical situations where time is of the essence. The TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy drone is a must-have for any water rescue team looking to provide a safer and more efficient service.

With just the push of a button on its remote control, the TY-3R drone can take off and provide the pilot with a real-time view from its onboard camera. Once it has completed its mission of picking up a swimmer, it can autonomously fly back to its takeoff location using GPS coordinates. Also, the copter is capable of taking off from the water and landing on it.

This watercraft can float up to two adults, has a communication range of 1.1 km, and a top speed of 47 km/h. With a runtime of over 10 minutes per battery charge and a weight of less than 5 kg, this little powerhouse is both powerful and lightweight. 

It’s fully waterproof, with a rating of IP68, meaning it can withstand being submerged to a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes. Plus, with safety measures like motor shut-off upon landing and screens over the propellers to protect swimmers’ fingers, it can prevent any accidents. 

The TY-3R drone is designed to ensure the safety of swimmers. With its ability to shut off its motors upon landing on the water and the addition of screens over its propellers, it provides an extra layer of protection for people in distress.

It’s available now on the Didiok Makings website for $11,803. The TY-3R is not the only drone that can rescue swimmers, but it is one of the most innovative and effective. 

Other drones, like Pars, Little Ripper, Auxdron, and Project Riptide, perform the same task but by dropping floatation devices down to the person. The TY-3R provides a safer and more efficient way to rescue swimmers in distress.