Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Urtopia unveils world’s first smart ebike with ChatGPT co-pilot

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has only been around since November of last year, but the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot seemingly is everywhere already.

Chinese mobility company Urtopia made a wave at Eurobike last week with the introduction of the world’s first smart ebike with voice interaction powered by integrated ChatGPT.

Debuted in 2021, the young company has already made itself known in the e-bike realm with its electric two-wheelers boasting cutting-edge features such as built-in GPS navigation, anti-theft, riding safety, data recording, and other proprietary technology designed to enhance rider safety. Now, with the integration of ChatGPT, its ebikes will transform into full-on smart bikes that will take the cycling experience to a whole new level.

Powered by ChatGPT and Urtopia’s voice recognition feature, the Urtopia smart ebike would become an exceptional companion for riders, delivering real-time assistance based on users’ needs. The innovative integration allows Urtopia to be a bike with a mind, making it stand out from the rest.

ChatGPT will be used, at least initially, to improve Urtopia’s already existing voice-assistant technology. Previously, the voice interactions were restricted to simple commands related to assistance levels and lane changes. The integration with OpenAI’s chatbot will open up new interaction possibilities. Riders could ask their bike to plot out a more efficient ride, play curated music over a built-in speaker, ask for directions to a certain location, or request information about their surroundings and the weather forecast.

No information about when the company plans to start selling bikes with integrated ChatGPT has been revealed. A YouTube video posted by the company shows the technology being used with one of its Chord ebike, which already features GPS navigation and mobile connectivity.