Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Turbine-inspired Martini Mixer to stir cocktails at precise speeds

British design and engineering company CALLUM has designed a motorized Martini Mixer to stir cocktails at precise speeds. The aim is to make a perfectly blended drink in just 15 seconds using turbines and science.

The new Martini Mixer has been developed in collaboration with British Airways, luxury British watchmaker Bremont, and award-winning mixologist Mr. Lyan (Ryan Chetiavardhan).

The Martini mixer features a turbine-inspired design and decorative turbo fan embedded in glass in its control head unit. It has a motorized mixing paddle engineered to carefully stir the cocktail at 120-160 revolutions per minute. Boosting citrus and floral notes create a smooth martini blend that balances the ultimate combination of aeration, smoothness, and coolness, resulting in a turbine martini.

Martini Mixer
Martini Mixer. Credit: Callum Design.

The turbine-inspired Martini Mixer is made from a food-grade stainless steel 316 billet. The Martini Mixer automatically activates when the turbine is tightened and locked. The mixer also illuminates the interior LEDs, allowing a glimpse of the mixing cocktail through the viewing window.

The Martini Mixer is rechargeable and can run for 120 minutes on a single charge, The equivalent of about 500 martinis per charge.

Mr. Lyan, the airline’s partner mixologist, said: “Over the past couple of years, I have worked closely with British Airways to create a variety of unique drinks that celebrate the motion of flight, and we have taken this one step further to develop a modern version of the ultimate classic cocktail, The Martini.

“Using expertise from every partner, we’ve balanced the perfect combination of ingredients, aeration, and temperature to highlight Aviation American Gin’s unique profile. Through our precision-engineered mixer, we created the Turbine Martini to celebrate the bespoke nature and wonder of the classic drink with a brand-new contemporary twist.”

Turbine-inspired Martini Mixer
Turbine-inspired Martini Mixer. Credit: Callum Design.

It was first conceived for British Airways customers traveling through the Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5, where it mixes the perfect turbine Martini – a unique recipe created by Mr. Lyan.

The Martini Mixer costs £2,995 ($3770), excluding local tax and shipping. You can reserve a Martini Mixer with a £300 ($378) deposit.