Tuesday, March 5, 2024

TIGI Solar to launch first-of-its-kind industrial renewable heating system in Israel

Of Galil, one of Israel’s food producers, is switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. TIGI Solar has been selected by Of Galil Ltd. for its mission. TIGI’s thermal heat energy storage system is a first-of-its-kind renewable heating system in the country based on industrial heat pumps.

TIGI Solar is an Israel-based startup that has developed a unique structure for storing solar energy. It uses a honeycomb structure to insulate its water heaters. TIGI’s unique design minimizes heat energy loss and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

TIGI’s patented honeycomb collector efficiently captures solar energy as heat, even in cold climates, generating heat at temperatures up to 100°C, perfect for industrial and commercial applications, beating the conventional 40°C achieved by other systems. By using solar-facing transparent insulation, collectors significantly reduce heat loss, making them significantly more efficient. High efficiency and long product life result in low energy costs.

The company also offers thermal storage for captured solar energy heat with TIGI’s controls and cloud services, where users can accurately monitor and measure heat production. The cloud service reports, analyzes, optimizes, and generates information about savings, efficiency, and CO2 emissions.

The heat pump installed in Of Galil Company has an output of 720 kW. The heating system will be used twice daily to wash and clean the production line and floors. With cloud-based monitoring and management, this system replaces large boilers that burn low-quality oil.

The project value is estimated at approximately 2.2 million NIS (0.6 million Dollars). Of Galil’s decision to adopt TIGI Solar’s renewable energy solution is an essential step toward Israel’s green future.