Tuesday, April 16, 2024

TESLASUIT GLOVE, the VR glove to feel virtual textures naturally

Often, virtual reality experiences are focused on vision; however, as VR games become more prevalent, companies are looking for ways to make the experience even more exciting. The company TESLASUIT is not new to the VR market. Last year the company released a full VR outfit that offers many educational and entertainment opportunities in virtual environments. Now, the British startup is getting ready to introduce their brand-new VR-powered gloves called ‘TESLASUIT GLOVE.’

The TESLASUIT GLOVE generates haptic responses to emulate the textures and shapes of those virtual objects that we observe in a 3D environment. It is designed to work with its full haptic suit and with a virtual reality headset. Like the suit, the VR gloves can be used in sophisticated simulation environments aimed at training in different fields.

It is a world-first TESLASUIT-compatible VR glove that has a combination of basic tactile feedback and feedback through strength training. It combines several different technologies for detecting hand and finger movements and provides various types of feedback to simulate touch. For example, each fingertip is equipped with a 3×3 tactile display, allowing users to naturally sense virtual textures.


These sensors work in conjunction with motion capture and feedback, which also provide spatial impact, resistance, and vibration. There is an even integrated biometric system for tracking the user’s emotional state, stress level, and heart rate. TESLASUIT GLOVEs connect to the suit via Wi-Fi to provide an almost total capture of the user’s body movements.

The glove is not designed specifically for games; initially, the TESLASUIT GLOVE targets robotic telecontrol systems as well as medical rehabilitation. For example, in exposure therapy, VR is already used in this field – researchers use virtual reality to treat people with arachnophobia.

The company says it will present during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas. However, it said that as the VR gloves are in the trial, it will not allow users to try them. Finally, the company plans to launch the TESLASUIT GLOVE sometime in the second half of 2020 for the US $5,000.