Virtual Reality

Manus Polygon: Full-body in Virtual Reality

This month Manus unveiled their latest product: Polygon. Manus Polygon is a full-body VR solution that comes with multi-user collaboration possibilities. With...

TESLASUIT GLOVE, the VR glove to feel virtual textures naturally

It is intended to improve applications in professional training, medical re-education and robotic telework.

In future, Virtual Reality could help cows produce better milk

This could reduce the cows' anxiety and increase their chances of producing more milk.

Toyota uses VR to train robots as home care assistants

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) intends to use virtual reality in assistant robot training, which will assist people in household activities.

Somnium Space: Your final virtual reality destination

Secure your property inside a new virtual reality world which is open, social and persistent. Sounds bizarre! A VR world where you can book your property...

MagiMask: Immersive augmented reality

When it comes to a movie, we prefer a movie theatre to experience the immersive view. Two graduates Eirik and Harald from the Norwegian University...

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