Saturday, May 25, 2024

TCL’s updated Project Archery wearable hides movie screen in a pair of glasses

TCL announced several prototype devices at IFA, and then they showed, among other things, a new version of the concept “Project Archery”, a pair of VR glasses where you watch movies directly in the pair of glasses.

TCL Project Archery was previewed back at IFA 2019, and then Project Archery 2.0. was showed off earlier this year at CES. This is the third version of Project Archery presented by TCL. This model with a new design should be lighter and more comfortable than its predecessors.

It will be equipped with two miniature OLED-screens that offer the viewer something reminiscent of a cinema experience. Paired with a simple gallery-style interface for videos and games, it makes for a relatively hands-off experience. Your phone is still supplying processing power, media, and battery, but you can leave it in your pocket and just use TCL’s head gesture tracking to interact with the interface. Speakers in the sides are included, or you can pair Bluetooth headphones or plugin a wired headset for more private listening.

Project Archery 3.0 is even more reminiscent of a pair of glasses than its predecessors, which looked more like some kind of VR grunts. Obviously, these glasses are not meant to be worn in public, as wearing them in a public place would probably still attract a lot of attention.

TCL also plans to develop a version of the same glasses for people with myopia or farsightedness – they will be able to watch videos in them without the usual glasses and contact lenses that correct vision. When we could possibly see Project Archery on the market, nothing was mentioned.

In addition to these VR glasses, TCL also showed wireless headphones, a smartwatch with fitness capabilities, two tablets, a smartphone with a screen curved at the sides, creating a “waterfall” effect.