Tuesday, April 16, 2024

SPLACH Mukuta e-scooter with movable power bank

A manufacturer of electric kick-scooters and bicycles, SPLACH has unveiled the Mukuta, a dual-motor, foldable e-scooter with a removable battery that can be used as a power bank.

The Mukuta e-scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material and is foldable. The bike is 3.8 feet long, 0.72 feet wide, and 1.6 feet high when folded and 3.8 feet long, 2.16 feet wide, and 4.03 feet tall when unfolded and weighs about 66 lbs (30 kg), and it has a payload capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg).

The SPLACH Mukuta has a 48V (15.6Ah) quick-swappable lithium battery that can also be used as a compact power bank for continuous power supply. The battery of the e-scooter can be charged within 4 hours with the help of dual charging ports, and these charging ports reduce the charging time to 4 hours instead of 8 hours.

SPLACH Mukuta comes with an removable battery that can be used as power bank
SPLACH Mukuta comes with a removable battery that can be used as a power bank. Credit: SPLACH.

The Mukuta scooter’s 1104W dual brushless motors provide maximum peak power, giving it a top speed of 28MPH (45 km/h) and a full range of 39 miles (62 km) on a single charge. It also has cruise control that automatically activates if the driving speed remains unchanged for 6 seconds. It also has six different speed modes to suit your demand, including a single and dual motor selection with three gear modes on display.

Mukuta is an all-terrain e-scooter with a ground clearance of 5.7 inches for rough terrain and is equipped with 8 by 2.5-inch solid fat puncture-proof tires that are wear-resistant and immune to flats grip in all terrains.

The Mukuta’s front and rear suspension systems are adjustable and dust-proof, meeting individual needs for maximum comfort and stability. The adjustable hidden suspension system can absorb every shock and vibration that comes in the way. Moreover, it is integrated with a dual-disc braking system, and the electronic brake ensures safe and responsive stopping.

SPLACH Mukuta dual motor all terrain e-scooter
SPLACH Mukuta dual motor all-terrain e-scooter. Credit: SPLACH.

The scooter’s handlebar rotates up to 60 degrees for flexible left and right turns, and it can climb a 40-degree inclined hill without hesitation. In addition, the 8.7 inches-wide and 21 inches-long deck space in the SPLACH Mukuta e-scooter provides enough room for a stable ride.

The e-scooter has a secret compartment for the Apple Airtag that provides a direct location of the crown, always keeping it safe from thieves. It is also equipped with front, rear, and multi-colored side LED lights, providing measurable light to the stem and deck without blind spots.

The SPLACH e-scooter features an LCD intelligent display that can unlock the display using an NFC-controlled aerospace panel with a card for easy access to clear information and seamless operation. A swipe of the key card to turn on the scooter ensures security, preventing unauthorized access to the scooter.

The SPLACH Mukuta is priced at $1999, but you can get it for $999 as an early bird offer. It is currently in the production phase and will start delivering pre-orders soon.