Saturday, December 9, 2023

A solar-powered Ariel robot pool cleaner wipes out the debris autonomously

Swimming in pools can be a lot of fun, but using a small net to remove the leaves and debris floating in them can be a tedious task – although necessary. This is why the Tempe-based company Pivot-Solar Breeze has created Ariel, an autonomous pool robot that can do this job. It is making its debut at CES 2021.

By combining the force of solar-power and intelligent technology, Aerial can elegantly travel the pool’s surface, collecting and filtering the debris. Ariel is fully solar-powered, and with a powerful backup battery, it can run 10 hours and more off a charge if there is no sunlight available.

A solar-powered Ariel robot pool cleaner wipes out the debris.
Ariel removes from your pool easily with a no-slip ergonomic handle. Credit: Solar Breeze

Once connected and placed in the pool, Ariel makes its way back and forth on the surface at speed between 3 and 6 meters per minute. For this, the robot uses a front wheel to attract leaves and other floating debris, along with finer particles, such as dust and pollen. The slide-out tray includes an embedded mesh filter that collects and retains particles all the way down up to 200 microns in size, effectively filtering all pool water that passes through Ariel’s tray.

When Ariel’s debris tray is full, pull the light-weight robot out of the pool using its non-slip grip handle and easily slide the debris tray out to empty. Rinse the filter screen, slide it back into place, turn the robot back on, and set it adrift again.

Propulsion is provided by two rear wheels that independently operate side-by-side, allowing the robot to turn left or right. The device also has sensors in the two front corners that detect when it hits the side of the pool or when it encounters other obstacles. According to the company, Ariel can clean the pool in an average house in approximately 1.5 hours.

The robot functions well in water salinity of up to 6,500 ppm. Additionally, whether your pool is indoors or in the heat, Ariel can withstand temperatures between 40 degrees F and 130 degrees F (4 to 54 degrees C).

Ariel is now available in the United States for pre-order for $468. Deliveries should start as soon as March.