Monday, December 11, 2023

Silent-Yachts is working on a new solar-powered electric catamaran

Silent Yachts, an Australian manufacturer of zero-emission boats, has partnered with Volkswagen Group and CUPRA to create a new solar-powered electric catamaran model.

According to Silent Yachts, this green boat, which still does not have a name or technical specifications, will have a photovoltaic system built internally. The system will be used to recharge batteries that will provide power to the yacht‘s onboard electronics, and to its electric propulsion system, providing greater energy efficiency and more miles of navigation without polluting emissions.

The photovoltaic system is based around Volkswagen’s modular system called the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), initially designed to provide the best possible means of delivering power from the battery to the rear axle motor. The use of this advanced technology will allow silent navigation and greater autonomy when using alternative propulsion systems.

At the same time, important aspects such as maintenance and the economic expense derived from these tasks are reduced, also increasing mechanical reliability with electric motors.

The CUPRA brand participates in designing this new ‘ecological’ yacht, which wants to put its stamp of sportiness and emotion to sustainable sailing in an experience. And all this without forgetting the comfort and the impeccable finishes typical of a shipyard like Silent-Yachts.

Based on previous Silent Yachts ship models, the company claims that the ship model will be a quieter version. And it is more environmentally friendly than models that use combustion propulsion. This will result in less maintenance costs as well. Other details will be disclosed shortly before next year.