Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Scatec completes construction of solar-plus-storage facilities in Cameroon

We live in an era where many companies are trying to capture affordable clean energy generated from wind turbines, hydro plants, and solar panels. Many companies and countries have set ambitious low-carbon targets, and we are experiencing a rapidly changing energy world and the rapid growth of clean technologies.

However, in Africa, the energy gap exists across most continents. Many countries still need more power infrastructures to electrify their homes and businesses.

To overcome this, Norway-based renewable energy company Release by Scatec has entered into a lease agreement with ENEO, an electricity company, in 2021 to deliver two solar hybrid and battery storage plants.

Release by Scatec has completed construction on two solar-plus-storage facilities, Maroua and Guider, in northern Cameroon, with a combined capacity of 36MW solar and 20MW/19MWh of storage.

The Maroua and Guider solar power plants are equipped with over 44,800 bifacial solar panels mounted on trackers, which will help maximize energy production throughout the day. Residents and industries will be benefiting from these two solar energy projects in the northern part of Cameroon.

The Maroua and Guider solar power plants will generate 80 GWh of electricity annually, and the plants will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions, with an estimated saving of almost 60,000 tonnes per year.

The pre-assembled solar power and battery storage system by Scatec is a unique solution and the first to be deployed in Cameroon.

Release is Scatec’s solution for distributed solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems for projects starting from 5MWp blocks. Release by Scatec is a flexible leasing company of pre-assembled solar PV and battery equipment to provide low-cost, clean, and reliable energy solutions. Release is owned and operated by Scatec ASA.

Release by Scatec, in a statement, said that “ENEO, the North Cameroon utility company, was looking for a way to boost their power supply, as their hydropower reserves were lacking due to extensive droughts. Within six months of our agreement, we were already deploying solar power to the people of Northern Cameroon, bringing long-awaited electricity to many for the first time. Today, this region can boast the most stable power situation in the country.”

“Having looked at the success of the two projects and how it has helped improve the electricity supply in Cameroon, Release is well positioned to further strengthen power supply in Cameroon with more capacity,” explains Arnaud Gouet, SVP Utilities at Release, in a statement.