PrintBrush XDR: first inkjet printer for smartphone

Sweden based PrintDreams company has introduced a new printer on the market, ‘PrintBrush XDR’. It is a first-of-its-kind color inkjet printer for smartphones.

A team exclaimed, “Our printer has been called by the press for a “Magic Wand for printing” and it is now in pilot production after many years of development.”

PrintBrush printer features PrintDreams’ RMPT™ technology. Which empowers smartphone users to print anything at the fingertips. The imprints come out directly upon any type of surface with the wave of the hand.

This exceptional printer is versatile prints larger imprints than its size. You can print on any surface and simply by sweeping action. You just need to swap direction from left to right and vice versa. The surface may be a paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, etc.

The already available printer technology is restricted for mobile usage since the imprint size is directly linked to device width. However, RMPT technology revolutionized the way we print. Because RMPT allows printing larger printout sizes with smaller hardware.

PrintBrush XDR is one of the first tools to feature RMPT technology. It is a game-changing technology to build portable printing devices. It uses advanced software instead of hardware which makes it an environment-friendly.

Besides, it offers to print directly onto a wide variety of surfaces with varying thickness. Therefore, it enables mobile users to print on any material and anywhere. This eventually widens the application areas.

A team informed, “It is important to highlight that the PrintBrush XDR can NOT print letter-size but it is a step closer to the goal.”

The PrintBrsuh XDR can print up to three swaths with a small gap in between them. “It is an excellent choice for printing pieces of text and graphics in full color but not quite recommended for photos.”

When it comes to packaging, PrintBrush is so compact that the packaging of an ordinary desktop printer can occupy more than 55 packaging boxes of PrintBrush printer.

It works just by sweeping over the surface with PrintBrush.

Exploded View of PrintBrush
Exploded View of PrintBrush

PrintBrush XDR has built-in optical sensors and intelligent software which track the velocity and direction when the user slides PrintBrush XDR relative to the surface. A controller matches the interrupts to the relevant columns of the imprint image. You can personalize the speed of the printer, the PrintBrush XDR delivers accurate and reliable results.

PrintBrush Technical Specifications
PrintBrush Technical Specifications

It designed and developed with a control app in a smartphone. You can select the content to be printed through this app in a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. When your desired text is ready you just need to push a print button on the control app. Later, move the printer from left to right or vice versa.

The device is Wi-Fi enabled and has a USB interface as a backup for data connectivity. It is first color inkjet printer of its kind. PrintBrush anonymously works for the environment also.


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