Saturday, April 13, 2024

Paris pioneers “noise radar” that can automatically ticket noisy vehicles

Reducing the noise pollution caused by road traffic is an essential public health measure in an urban environment, in addition to being a legal obligation. The thundering of superbikes passing by the roadside home can be the cause of people discomfort. But now it seems like this will soon be the thing of past in Paris.

Some parts of the city are testing a “noise radar” from noise pollution agency Bruitparif. It is a measuring device that can precisely measure and locate sounds from a moving vehicle as well as register their license plates. It has recently been installed on a lamppost in the center of Villeneuve-le-Roi, a town next to Paris Orly airport.

Noise Radar device
Noise Radar device

The new system uses four microphones to triangulate the origins of the sound and link it with CCTV camera footages to pinpoint the location of the noisy vehicle.

Around 40 “noise radar” devices are in use so far, near busy bars in Paris entertainment areas as well as 17 deployed around major building sites.

Until now, the system is in trial mode only and not intended to fine anyone. Instead, it is both to test the viability of the technology and to determine the noise levels that lead to penalties. The draft law due for a vote this fall will let local officials experiment with noise radar to record and fine riders who exceed noise limits, Reuters reports.