Wednesday, February 8, 2023

PNNL scientists develop least costly carbon capture system to date

New milestone in PNNL team's efforts to make carbon capture more affordable and widespread.

Bacteria eat and actually digest plastic

Bacteria really eat plastic!

New click beetle-sized robots jump using elastic energy

These miniature robots are fast enough to match an insect's rapid escape time.

China launches its first hydrogen-powered passenger train

The 100 mph hydrogen train emits nothing but water.

ARC Aerosystems unveils 9-Seater sustainable passenger VTOL aircraft

New vessel is designed to carry 9 passengers as a cost-effective, low-carbon solution to intercity travel.

Polymer p-doping improves stability and efficiency of perovskite solar cell

The new technique addresses stability concerns and increases the efficiency of PSCs.

New model to turn robots into skilled waiters

New robots can serve tea and coffee faster and more safely than humans - with no sloshing.

Researchers develop mini laser to detect signs of life on other planets

Miniaturized analyzers may revolutionize how astrobiology discoveries are made on faraway moons and planets.

Leclanché develops low-cobalt Li-ion cells with 20% more energy density

A breakthrough in the environmentally friendly production of modern G/NMCA cells.

DARPA is building new X-plane with no exterior moving parts

DARPA has selected Aurora Flight Sciences to move into the detailed design phase of the aircraft.

World’s largest hydrogen aircraft takes to the sky for first flight

Milestone moves ZeroAvia forward on the way to meet target of commercial flights using only hydrogen fuel.

Rolls-Royce successfully tests mtu engine with 100% hydrogen fuel

mtu gensets and cogeneration units to be further developed for 100% hydrogen use.