The NUA Electrica: A self-charging e-Bike weighs just 13kg

A Barcelona-based bicycle manufacturer, NUA Bikes which is known for some very eye-catching and high-end titanium bicycles, has unveiled its first ever electric bicycle model. An EV called the NUA Electrica is a combination of a minimalist and lightweight design with top-shelf components.

The e-bike utilizes Zehus motor system, sensors, and battery built into its rear hub that regenerates energy for unlimited range when used in a hybrid mode which just provides acceleration and climbing assistance.

Nua electrica titanium ebike comes equipped with Zehus motor
Nua electrica titanium ebike comes equipped with Zehus motor

One of the lightest full-size electric bicycles on the market!

All thanks to its full titanium frame, NUA Electrica’s total weight is only 13 kg that makes it one of the lightest full-size electric bicycles on the market. It also has an NUA titanium fork, stem, handlebar and seat post for extra elegance, and according to Nua it makes the bike more comfortable “thanks to titanium’s superb fatigue-resistant and elastic properties.” Besides, the classics- Shimano brakes and Mavic wheels, which are protected by Hexlox anti-theft locks.

Nua_electrica brakes brooks grips
Nua_electrica brakes brooks grips

Additionally, the hub motor and the battery combo weighs just 3kg and fits into any frame with a rear wheel dropout 120 mm (4.7 in) or wider. All the components that are required to run an e-bike such as a 250-watt Zehus motor, a 160-watt-hour battery, several sensors and more are housed within the rear wheel. This makes NUA Electrica the stealthiest single-speed e-bike you have ever seen.

The battery isn’t exactly huge at just 160 Wh. But the company claims the system provides up to 30 km (18 mi) of range in Turbo mode, which provides pedal assist at up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

Use Electrica in different modes using App!

You can either use it without any sort of computer or download the Zehus app to your smartphone and connect to Bluetooth to access more features. The App allows you to choose between six cycling modes, among which the ‘self-charging’ mode is the most interesting one.

It can be charged using the plug integrated into the rear wheel axle
It can be charged using the plug integrated into the rear wheel axle

Moreover, when it comes to charging, NUA Electrica is very simple to charge. It can be charged using the plug integrated into the rear wheel axle, but using the hybrid mode there’s no need to charge at all. The Bike+ mode helps riders by adding an assist on uphill sections and while starting from a stop. On flat ground, the motor regenerates electricity to charge its built-in batteries.

Theoretically, the rider never has to plug in the bicycle to charge when using this mode as the bike will continuously charge itself. This means the e-bike has an unlimited range, but obviously, this will depend on the terrains. The company also claims that no one else is offering this in such a lightweight package.

In addition, it comes with a Gates carbon belt drive to ensure maintenance-free pedaling and quiet operation. Read more details on the company’s blog.


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