Tuesday, January 31, 2023

NOVA: The ultimate power bank with built-in foldable wall plug

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When several power banks booming the market with ultimate features NOVA stand out different due to its unique features. A group of design-oriented individuals BOURGE DESIGN has developed ‘NOVA’, the ultimate 4-in-1 wireless power bank.

NOVA is an ultra-versatile battery pack that designed and built with both portability and functionality in mind. When there are several features NOVA is equipped with three types of fast charging to keep your devices charge all day long.

It is equipped with a 10W wireless charger to efficiently charge your most smartphones such as iPhone – 7.5W, Android – 10W+.

NOVA 3 three types of charging
NOVA 3 three types of charging

The second type of charging is PD USB-C Port built to safely provide 18W of power and equipped with Power Delivery(PD). This port can charge any smartphone about 50 percent in just 30 minutes. Similarly, the third type of charging is through USB-3 Port. A Qualcomm® 3.0 Quick Charge™ USB port to charge another device via a standard USB connection.

NOVA wireless charging
NOVA wireless charging

NOVA’s ultimate feature is its redefining wireless charging. This is intentionally devised mechanism is to let you refuel battery at any wall outlet. Simply is a wireless charging since requires no cable. “They mentioned that for international customers adapters will be provided.”

However, it enables other devices to charge while it is plugged in. Besides, with a Power Delivery USB-C port, you can utilize NOVA as a wall charger for your USB-C laptop.

Though NOVA looks small in size have an amazing battery capacity of 8000 mAh. It is good enough to let you through the day even your phone is dead when you start using it. Its compact size made it pliable anywhere in small bags and backpacks.

NOVA’s battery capacity is FAA approved for all carry-ons when traveling by air. Altogether, it is chargeable wherever and whenever you go.

NOVA technical specification
NOVA technical specification

It is equipped with a built-in foldable wall plug and 10W wireless charger. Also, there is LED indicator to display charging is on or off.

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