Friday, May 31, 2024

The world’s first Smart Potato capable of talking with humans

Each year, the CES exhibition in Las Vegas attracts a large number of exhibitors presenting their latest technological solutions, future plans, and potential dreams. This exhibition is also a great place to discover something very strange and unprecedented. This is exactly what Nicolas Baldeck took advantage of and introduced – the world’s first “Smart Potato.”

The French young man has created an unprecedented device to interact with the potato. He invented a device called NeuraSpud, which is essentially an antenna, with one end resembling a blade. This part needs to be inserted into the potato so that the structure can take advantage of the latent intelligence of a completely mundane potato.

Neuraspud, an ultra-high bandwidth potato-machine interface
Neuraspud, an ultra-high bandwidth potato-machine interface.

The device can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and once the connection is established, the potato application can be started by speaking out loud and asking for anything from the vegetable.

Thanks to this device, you can learn the health and mood of potato and communicate with the potato buried in the ground. The tape does not contain any battery as NeuraSpud receives the required energy for decoding the potato language and sending the Bluetooth signal directly from the potato.

No cables. No batteries. POTATO uses a state-of-the-art energy-harvesting technology called Potat’Ohm.
No cables. No batteries. POTATO uses a state-of-the-art energy-harvesting technology called Potat’Ohm.

If all of this sounds crazy big nonsense, it’s not a coincidence, because it’s a huge fool/joke that Nicholas was trying to point out to how many superfluous tools we’ve come across every day in analog form.

The action of the French development guy not only shows how much excess stuff is made every day, but also a serious criticism of the CES gadget expo, which imposes serious conditions on exhibitors, and the event: if the smart potato could be exhibited at Eureka Park, a showcase for emerging startups, how many gadgets could have been on the scene that made no sense at all?

His device is being crowdfunded on an Indiegogo Page. And the biggest joke is that nearly $5000 has already been raised on the community finance side.