Monday, May 20, 2024

NAON Zero-One e-scooter offers modern styling and up to 100km/h top speeds

In such a highly demanded electric scooter market, it is difficult to find a two-wheeled vehicle that stands out from the rest. The NAON Zero-One is one of those few electric scooters that stands out from the rest, thanks to its unique and fresh design.

Minimalist design, refined technical solutions, and sustainability throughout the life-cycle are the backbones of the new NAON Zero-One, the electric scooter prototype developed by a Berlin-based e-mobility startup NAON. It is, in fact, a concept in an advanced stage of development, destined to enter the market soon in two versions: the L1e and L3e.

The L1e model has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and comes with a base price of €4,920 (about $5,625) while the L3e option with a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) will cost €6,420 ($7,340).

It features a minimalist and geometric design that looks into low impact personal mobility.
It features a minimalist and geometric design that looks into low-impact personal mobility. Credit: NAON

The Zero-One electric scooter comes with long, flat running boards an exposed rear swingarm, which gives rise to an almost floating seat with a capacity for two occupants. The electric scooter has a 7 kW rear hub motor with a 10 kW peak power rating and comes with a single 2.4kWh battery, which allows for a commuting range of 70 km (43 miles) on a single charge.

Adding a second battery will give users a range of 140 km (87 miles) in urban environments. The NAON Zero-One packages its swappable batteries under the footrest. The batteries can be purchased for €1,000 ($1,145) or rented at a monthly fee of €25 ($29).

There is only enough storage under the seat for one jet helmet as well as small personal items, but the company plans to make more storage options like a luggage rack and panniers available as accessories. The digital dash is replaced by the smartphone in the dedicated housing on the handlebar. The NAON Zero-One comes with a laser-cut and pressed aluminum frame with recycled PET plastic non-structural components, with other possible materials including recycled tires for handlebar and footrest grips and cactus leather for seat trim. Other features include an unusual partially transparent front shield, 14-inch scooter wheels, and ABS disc brakes.