Monday, July 15, 2024

Naked 360-degree body-scanning mirror: It tracks body transformations

New 3D-scanning smart mirror with rotating scale has launched in the market by San Francisco’s Naked Labs. This appliance is connected to a mobile app. The Naked scales build 3D models of your body, then track them through your hypothetical healthy transformation.

The Naked system is made up of three distinct parts. The first one is a smart mirror, with three embedded Intel RealSense depth sensors proficient in scanning objects in three dimensions. Likewise, there is a built-in alignment laser to assist you to get the perfect pose each time, and a laptop-grade processor to take around 4 GB of data each scan yields and crunch it down to a usable model.

Naked 360-degree body-scanning mirror
Naked 360-degree body scanning mirror

The second piece is a rotating weight scale that works on hard or carpeted floors. It is equipped with a built-in battery and charges of the mirror, which plugs into the wall.

You just need to stand and strike a perfect pose. A weight scale will rotate slowly for 15 seconds, and the mirror will inspect every inch of your body.

It makes quite a high-resolution scan, technically every tenth of an inch or so.

The Naked system takes circumferences to build a 3D model to send it to the third part, smartphone app, via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

In this process, the system will take circumference measurements of your neck, shoulders, chest, upper arms, waist, stomach, hips, upper thighs, mid thighs, and calves.


The smartphone app will use these acquired measurements to ascertain body fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass, and weight to provide a terrific set of metrics to learn about your overall health and will help you to accomplish your fitness goals.


  1. These body models are excruciatingly detailed. It means you may not prefer to share them with your friends or at least with those you do not get pretty nude on the regular.
  2. Acquired detailed 3D scans of your body will be stored in the cloud, from which you can hope they don’t get burgled at any extremity and become the public nuisance.

On the contrary, this machine could turn stuff shot for custom clothing manufacturers, who can work with an incredibly consistent set of full body measurements taken anywhere in the world to tailor garments of a perfect match.