Friday, February 23, 2024

Mui: Interactive wood panel makes digital more nature centric

A team of tech enthusiasts has landed on the market with mui. It is the new interactive wood panel. mui, the natural alternative interface connects to the internet, controls smart home devices, and is a new platform for developers.

Keeping in mind the way this generation engrossed in technology and forget about personal space and time, this new technology is designed to remind you the same. mui is designed for modern living, to create more personal time.

As our homes become smarter and our technology more integrated into our lives, we can be more mindful readers, more creative artists, and make better families. It sets boundaries around our personal space and time.

During their research, it was difficult to select the material. Because their aim was to design a panel which is invisible and calm. So it has to be a product design that could fit in the environment effortlessly.

After choosing the natural wood as the surface material among glass, fiber and other material it was sensational to see the glowing light from inside of the wood.

The beautiful look of the sanded sycamore, Cherry, Maple or Ash grains blends in with the room’s décor and furniture, allowing you to forget the device’s existence when not using it. It is amazing to look at digital information through a natural material of wood.

Although the wood has a protective coating over it, the texture of the wood may change over time. mui Lab may also reconsider utilizing certain kinds of wood as a material.

Most homes and offices today are designed to accommodate technology. Rather than to focus on the needs of humans who use the spaces. Therefore, a team created mui to reverse that trend, to make digital more nature-centric.

It is an interactive wood panel that is activated by swiping your finger across its surface. Using the digital display that appears on the wood surface, you can talk, send and receive messages, and check the news and weather.

You can also control connected devices in your home, office or public spaces, like lighting, thermostats, and so on. When you are done, the panel goes back to sleep mode. It looks just like a piece of beautifully sanded wood again in sleep mode.

Electronic devices can make our homes feel cold and sterile.

By bringing together wood, a natural material that humans have used since the primitive age, and capacitive technology, they created an innovative, “smart yet comfortable” interface.