Mobius Backpack by Tentree is made of Algae and plastic bottles

Fashion has a great impact on the environment. So, fashion brands are starting to think of clever solutions for sustainable products.

Tentree Internationals launched its new fashionable backpack called Mobius backpack that is made out of algae. Well, it is not as weird as it sounds!

Mobius is the most eco-progressive backpack on the planet. The Mobius backpack is made using 99.9% sustainable materials including recycled polyester, BLOOM algae, and post industrial waste. No new materials used for the product, which makes it extremely eco-friendly and sustainable.

It’s 99.9% recycled!

Especially two materials are used while making this backpack- Repreve plastic and BLOOM foam. Repreve is an innovative fiber made of recycled plastic bottles that would end up in the landfill. There are 31 plastic bottles used in every Mobius backpack.

The front pocket is lined with the protective padding of BLOOM foam
The front pocket is lined with the protective padding of BLOOM foam

The front pocket is lined with the protective padding of BLOOM foam, so you can store your laptops and breakables safely. The backpack also uses recycled post-industrial factory waste to create buckles, zippers, and trims. So there is almost nothing new on the backpack — it’s 99.9% recycled.

Still, there are some parts that are not recyclable like the thread, the teeth of the zippers, and the tape that binds the trims to the backpack. However, the brand is working on finding upcycled solutions for that.

Well, the old plastic and waste are being recycled to create a stylish and durable product is a great thing. But the algae material is something that makes the backpack really stand out. But don’t worry — you’re not going to be walking around with green scum on your back.

For each backpack made with BLOOM, 293 bottles of filtered water are returned to the environment, and 27 balloons of co2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

It can be used in a multiple way- as a daily commuter backpack, a carry-on, or a hiking backpack.
It can be used in a multiple ways- as a daily commuter backpack, a carry-on, or a hiking backpack.

The foam in backpacks is often one of the last things to be considered. The foam is very rarely seen by the end consumer, so product developers tend to be more focused on the function of the foam than where it is coming from. Because of that, the vast majority of foam tends to be made from petroleum-based products,” Derrick Emsley, Co-Founder, and CEO of tentree, shares with Bustle.

Tentree wanted to go a different way, and algae foam ticked all of its boxes. “While algae typically help keep water ecology in balance, too much of it can actually hurt the freshwater habitats and the people and animals living around them. The Algae Foam is created by harvesting the Algae from polluted water and recirculating clean water back into the environment.

Eco-friendly, yet very stylish and functional!

The Mobius backpack is not only eco-friendly but very stylish, versatile and functional also. It can be used in multiple ways- as a daily commuter backpack, a carry-on, or a hiking backpack. The backpack is between 16L to 35L, where you can expand or shrink the bag with its rolltop opening.

Mobius backpacks' padded front pocket comes with number of different compartments
Mobius backpacks’ padded front pocket comes with number of different compartments

The padded front pocket comes with a number of organized compartments and pockets that will help you keep your small things separately and access them quickly. The front pocket also has a 15″ laptop sleeve, so if you need to take your backpack out in a rush, it’s easily accessible. Also, the side pockets are there when you need that extra compartment for water bottles or an extra towel.

The team has also given the extra security zipped compartments for your important documents, papers, passports or wallets.

For every Mobius backpack bought, 10 trees are planted. (Hence the brand’s name, tentree.) Even cooler, each purchased item comes with a tree token that you can use to see where your trees are planted.

Additionally, this algae made backpack series includes everything from duffle bags to packing cubes.

Emsley says that while algae is an exciting material to work with, it’s not the only one they’ve set their sights on. “We’re currently experimenting with natural rubbers to produce our trims whereby the tree is tapped, similar to maple syrup,” he says. “It actually encourages faster growth.

At the end of the lifespans, the backpack will either be biodegradable or fully recyclable. No matter what, our products will not have to end in a landfill or an incinerator,” he added.


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