Sunday, February 25, 2024

This world’s largest offshore wind turbine can work in severe typhoons

As the world moves towards phasing out fossil fuels, we are witnessing a shift towards solar and wind energy plants to meet the growing power demands. However, these clean energy sources have their own pros and cons. While solar farms have the disadvantage of not generating energy during the night, wind turbines can keep spinning round the clock, even if they don’t always produce the same amount of power.

In recent years, wind turbines have become larger and more efficient, generating more energy in a single spin. The idea of moving turbines offshore initially aimed to conserve land for farming and other purposes. However, the potential of harnessing faster-blowing sea winds has led to the rise of a new offshore wind farming industry, which is rapidly expanding.

The Chinese manufacturer of offshore wind turbines, Mingyang Smart Energy, has been getting a lot of attention for consistently making wind turbines with increasing power ratings. In 2021, the company connected 14 MW turbines to the grid in China and has since built a 16 MW turbine, which is currently being installed. It has also unveiled a prototype with a power rating exceeding 20 MW.

MingYang Smart Energy has surpassed the achievements of well-known turbine makers like Siemens Gamesa and has competition from other Chinese companies like GoldWind and CSSC Haizhuang, who are also working on larger wind turbines.

Now, the company has rolled out its MySE18.X-20 MW offshore wind turbine at its manufacturing facility located in Shanwei. At 18MW, it is the world’s largest offshore wind turbine in capacity and rotor diameter.

The MySE 18.X-20MW turbine is a highly modular, lightweight, and efficient model that boasts exceptional reliability. It offers flexible power ratings ranging between 18.X to 20MW, with rotor diameters spanning 853-958 feet (260-292 meters), depending on the power rating, and the area swept by the turbines is similar to nine soccer fields.

The wind turbine model can generate up to 80 million kWh annually in Eastern Guangdong, powering 96,000 households and reducing CO2 emissions by 66,000 tonnes. It is suitable for deployment in medium-to-high wind speed regions globally, with specific applicability for typhoon-prone sites.

Also, the turbine comes equipped with active anti-typhoon technology, enabling it to withstand Category 17 typhoons (56.1-61.2 m/s), making it a reliable and safe option for wind energy production.

The 18 MW wind turbine production reflects MingYang’s dedication to innovation and commitment to the offshore wind sector. Their focus on developing more powerful wind turbines and improving the productivity of offshore wind farms is a great step towards making renewable energy more accessible and cost-effective.